Initiative Against Child Labour

Childhood is similar to a clay. It can be moulded in the way we want. The development of a child into a wise and successful adult depends to a great extent on the mode of his upbringing. Strict behaviour towards young children in the name of discipline can effect their innocence . Childhood is the best period of anyone’s life. Young children have immense potential. Their curiosity to learn new facts make them do wonders in their career.

But even today certain sections of the society force their children to work. Young children are sent to hazardous industries where they are exposed to harmful radiations. They are also forced to work in homes, restaurants and shops where they are bound to work through out the day and that too at very low salaries.Young children are humiliated and are bullied by their employers.The practice deprives children of their childhood and is harmful to their physical and mental development. Poverty, lack of good schools and growth of informal economy are considered as the most important causes of child labour in India. The child labourers endure miserable and difficult lives. They earn little and struggle to make enough to feed themselves and their families. They do not go to school; more than half of them are unable to learn the barest skills of literacy. Poverty is one of the main reasons behind this phenomenon.

The unrelenting poverty forces the parents to push their young children in all forms of hazardous occupations. Child labour is a source of income for poor families. They provide help in household enterprises or of household chores in order to free adult household members for economic activity elsewhere.The problem does not ends here . Many greedy souls take child labour as an advantage to earn money . They kidnap young children from their families and sell them to people as servants. Thus it creates a big racket making innocent children victim of human trafficking and sexual assaults. Adding to the problem even the general public is equally responsible for the rising statistics of child labour. Knowing the fact that child labour is now declared illegal, we appoint young children to work in our homes or at our working places. Or we remain silent when we find others doing so. Child labour is a punishable offence. Apart from the law it disrespects with humanity. Young children should be provided with proper learning and education. Its our duty to take care of the kids of our society and hence we should raise voice against anything wrong happening against them.Some of the measures we can undertake to eliminate child labour from our society are-

Abstain from employing a child >
This is biggest step one can take to curb child labour. In India people tend to employ children as domestic help or for petty works in shops and garages e.g. helper, cleaner. When children will not be employed than they will not left with any option except studying.
Report to the police whenever you witness child labour >
In addition to it you can also report to media and various NGOs . This will ensure the child being exploited and get time timely aid.
Try to convince the children and their families >
that their vicious cycle of poverty will be broken only when their children are educated and gain a meaningful employment after growing up. Counsel the children as well who are engaged in labour.
Additionally, you can also donate and sponsor a child’s education This will ensure that poor children don’t face financial crunch and complete basic minimum education.

We live in a society and taking care of the belongings and maintaining them is definitely our duty. So why not spend some time by working towards a social cause that helps the people. You can start this activity from your area itself. Find out the places where you have the potholes and fill them so that other people do not face the problem. By doing this you will not only feel happy but will receive the blessings of other people as well. Further, you can motivate other people as well to join you so that you can expand your reach and fill the potholes of several nearby areas. You can also set up small teams that ensure a smooth working and it becomes easy to keep track of the progress. This is definitely a great initiative as potholes are quite dangerous and many people lose their lives as well. So by filling the potholes you can take one step towards a noble cause.

Let’s Do Working for a good cause is definitely a great idea but getting started is the most difficult task as not many people support it. If you too are eager to initiate any good cause in your society, you can do it alone. Let’s Do give you a chance to create your own activity, manage it and complete it. You can also add members to the team so that you finish the activity in less time and start a new one. You can also download the app which helps you to manage the team and the activity in a better way thus taking your initiative to the next level. You can track the progress, share the information and do everything to accomplish the project.